It all begins with people. Christ told us to shepherd his flock after all. And that is where Adjutr begins and really shines.

Each household (and subsequent person) profile has addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, places to take notes, track tasks, and even see snapshots of giving and attendance (if your user account has permission to do so). You can also add photos of the family to make it that much easier to find your people.

Track ToDos

Assign tasks to users for following up with families, updating information, or any other task. Reminders are sent out to the assignee.

Keep Notes

Take notes on meetings, prayer requests, and anything else you would like to share with your team.

Track Involvement

Easily keep track of how involved your people are, what ministries they are a part of, and all contacts and dates associated with your people.

Need to know an address, or find a phone number quickly? Use the “find as you type” feature right on the homepage (even on mobile) to locate people.